Designing with sensitivity and empathy,
our purpose is to promote humane and meaningful spaces,
as well as to contribute to social, economic, 
and ecological resilience.
We seek to question values
within the existing built environment 
and to find its purpose in the future.
- People and Practices
- (Hi)story and Embodied Knowledge
- Co-Existence
- Locality
- Tropical and Sustainable Approach
- Effectivity and Efficiency
- Health and Safety
Our Values
Scope of Work

We provide consultant and contractor works on

a wide-range of project typologies;

from residential, hospitality,  and office,

to commercial, educational, and cultural.

We specializes in transformation projects (refurbishment, intervention), which evaluates existing buildings and prepares them for the the future. 

- Architecture

- Interior Design

- Visual Merchandising

- Masterplan

is an architecture and interior design firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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